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Alamo Project (USA)

Alamo project was the largest scale of utility solar PV project in the U.S. at the time of development.

Alamo solar power plant

Overall View of 118 MW Alamo 5 Solar PV Plant Constructed by OCI in Texas, USA.

OCI status

OCI jumped into the North American solar PV business in 2011 to advance into the U.S. market, which has rapidly risen as the center of the global solar PV market. The Alamo project was the U.S.'s largest solar PV project and supplies electricity to about 120,000 households in San Antonio with a 573 MWdc solar PV plant built on an area of 2,076 ha.

Alamo project facts

* Include Pearl (Alamo 6+) project

Overall View of 'Alamo Project' Constructed by OCI in Texas, USA

Alamo1 - San Antonio 56MW, Alamo2 - Converse 5MW, Alamo3 - Converse 7MW, Alamo4 - Brackettville 48MW, Alamo5 - Uvalde 118MW, Alamo6 - McCamey 140MW,  Alamo7 - Haskell 132MW, Pearl - Mccamey 66MW


Alamo1~7 plant map
  • Alamo 1 San Antonio 50MW
  • Alamo 2 San Antonio 5MW
  • Alamo 3 Converse 7MW
  • Alamo 4 Brackettville 50MW
  • Alamo 5 Uvalde 118MW
  • Alamo 6, Perl Pecos County 206MW
  • Alamo 7 Haskell 132MW