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Investment in Bio Industry

OCI aims to become a leading global player in bio-business with the acquisition and development (A&D) of specialized leading technologies

Background of bio
business launch

  • A technology-intensive growth sector with higher added value than traditional industries
  • A sector that can use OCIs accumulated technology and experience in fine chemical engineering
  • Overcoming the limitations of volatility in the chemical business and securing stable sales and profits

Vision and Strategy

OCIs bio business roadmap
bio business roadmap

Major investments

Company Name Main Business Investment Amount Results
Bukwang Pharmaceutical (Korea) Integrated pharmaceutical company KRW 146.1 billion SOL-804 (prostate cancer medicine), clinical trial phase 1 completed
SN Bio Science (Korea) Nanoparticle drug delivery system KRW 5 billion SNB-101(pancreatic cancer drug)
Clinical trial phase 1, USA, Korea
Panolos Bioscience (Korea) Multi-specific recombinant protein KRW 5 billion PB101 (new cancer therapy candidates)
The pre-clinical phase started.
Adicet* (USA) Immunotherapy using homogeneous treatment method USD 7.8 million CAR-T** therapy of lymphoma; interim results of the clinical trial phase 1 announced
Nucleix (Israel) Early diagnosis of cancer; Liquid Biopsy USD 5.5 million Diagnostic kit to test bladder cancer, U.S. FDA approval underway R&D of lung cancer diagnostic kit
Synergy Fund (Korea) Invest in bio ventures for new drugs and medical devices KRW 3 billion

* Adicet : After merger with resTORbio, a NASDAQ-listed bio company, listed on NASDAQ in September 2020 under the company name Adicet Bio

** CAR-T : Allogeneic chimeric antigen receptor T cells