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Joint management of Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

OCI will explore synergy through joint management of Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Bukwang Pharma) and accelerate growth in the pharmaceuticals and the bio sectors with strategic investment

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Goals of joint

  • Investment in Bukwang Pharma with a solid foundation in R&D, investment, production, sales and marketing to strengthen technology in the pharmaceuticals and bio sectors and expand related businesses
  • Sustainable long-term growth model based on R&D in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology with investment in pharmaceutical companies specialized in R&D


  • Laying the groundwork for bio business growth by leveraging the capabilities and strength of Bukwang Pharma in resources, manpower, technology and distribution network
  • Securing new drug pipelines through strategic investment based on joint management
  • Creating synergy by combining OCIs global business capabilities with the open innovation business models and R&D capabilities of Bukwang Pharma to grow Bukwang Pharma into a global pharmaceutical and bio company


  • R&D in Pharmaceuticals

    Building global network Securing new drug pipelines Continuous/efficient investment in R&D

  • Production of Pharmaceuticals

    Commercializing bioproducts at home and abroad, CMO, etc.

  • Sales and Marketing

    Establishing a solid partnership, A strategic response to markets