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Carbon Black

OCI, the leader of carbon black in Korea, advances towards the global market.

Product Features

carbon black

Carbon Black


Carbon black is used for reinforcing the elasticity of rubber in products such as tires as well as for coloring. The carbon black business is growing as its demand increases in the automotive industry. Carbon black is also used for ink, paint and electrical conductors.

Production Process

Carbon black is a soot-type fine powder material produced by incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons or by thermal decomposition. OCI produces carbon black using petroleum based materials and steel by-product and has the technology to produce various grades.

Carbon Black in Daily Life
  • TiresTires
  • PaintPaint
  • InkInk

OCI Status

Pohang Plant

Pohang plant

Gwangyang Plant

Gwangyang plant

China OJCB Plant

Shandong OCI Jianyang Carbon Black

OCI started carbon black business in 2001 by taking over Korea Steel Chemicals and Korea Steel Petrochemicals. Based on the cutting-edge technology, OCI has the capacity of 500,000MT/yr inclucing JV. OCI has continued the development of new grades to expand carbon black lineup. Looking ahead, OCI continue to focus on increasing value-added opportunities in new businesses.

Business Commencement

1981 (OCI acquisition: 2001)

Production Plant Status

- OCI Pohang Plant (Capa : 170,000MT/yr)
- OCI Gwangyang Plant (Capa : 100,000MT/yr)
- HYUNDAI OCI Daesan Plant (Capa : 150,000MT/yr)
- Shandong OCI-Jianyang Carbon Black Plant (Capa : 80,000MT/yr)

Major Markets

Korea, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, West Asia, etc

Key Point

  • Korea's Largest Production Capacity

    Close networks with global tire companies based on Koreas largest carbon black production capabilities and market share

  • High Cost Competitiveness

    Cost competitiveness with the flexible use of raw materials such as petroleum and steel by-product

  • Production Know-How

    40 years of experience and technology


  • Product Name : Carbon Black
  • Chemical Formula : C
  • CAS No. : 1333-86-4
  • Tel :
    • - (Domestic) : +82-2-727-9487
    • - (Export) : +82-2-727-9472
    • - (T/S) : +82-2-727-9403
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