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China Solar PV Business

OCI's status in the worlds largest solar PV generation market

China solar power plant

Overall View of 1.9 MW Yagang Solar PV Plant Constructed by OCI in Jiaxing, China


China, which has grown rapidly in a short time, faces serious air pollution. Fine particles in the atmosphere reaches 24 times the international standard, which has brought about the necessity for eco-friendly energy businesses. For this reason, the Chinese government has established strong renewable energy policies which could replace conventional power generation and has actively attracted investment from the worlds solar PV companies. Based on its close network with local governments and EPC companies developed over the last 10 years with projects in China and experience of the Alamo project, OCI advanced into the Chinese solar PV business market with MOUs signed with local governments and established OCI Solar (China) in December 2015.

OCI Status

OCI advanced into Chinas decentralized solar PV business market by constructing a 2.6 MW solar PV plant in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China in 2015. Decentralized solar PV generation means constructing a solar PV plant on the rooftops of factories or commercial buildings and selling the electricity produced to the building owner first and the rest to utility companies. OCI Solar (China) is pioneering the Chinese market by constructing high-quality solar PV plants with high availability and durability exceeding the general quality of other solar PV plants, including a 5.5 MW plant in Yantai, Shandong (completed in December 2015), additional 1 MW plant in Jiaxing (completed in February 2017), and 3 MW plant in Wuxi, Jiangsu (completed in December 2017).

Overall View of China Solar PV Plants Constructed by OCI

Hongze 10.1MW , Jiaxing Yagang 1.9MW, Jiaxing Keruite 0.7MW, Jiaxing Shenghe 1MW, Yantai Zhongji 2.4MW, Yantai Longpeng 3.2MW