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Cogeneration Power Plant

OCI is producing 303MW of electricity and 860t/hr of steam by constructing a cogeneration power plant in the Saemangeum Industrial Complex.

About Solar PV

Cogeneration Power Plant is a power system that produces heat and electricity by burning fuel such as bituminous coal. Steam, produced by the power plant, flows through a turbine, then is supplied to the industrial complex to improve heat utilization.

OCI Status

Saemangeum cogeneration power plant

Saemangeum Cogeneration Power Plant

Saemangeum cogeneration power plant

OCI established OCI SE to construct a cogeneration power plant within the Saemangeum Industrial Complex in July 2012. The plant, in which KRW 590 billion was invested, is capable of supplying 303MW of power and 860t/hr of steam to the industrial complex. The plant is the first eco-friendly plant in Korea with best available technology (BAT) to minimize the generation of sulfur oxides, nitrogen, dust, etc. OCI plans to expand the heat supply system capable of district cooling and heating to distant areas according to the construction process of the Saemangeum Industrial Complex.

Electricity capacity : 303MW
Steam capacity : 860t/hr
Location : 213, Saemangeumsandan 3-ro, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do
Commercial Operation Date : April 2016