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Fumed Silica

OCI provides state of the art nano-sized Fumed Silica by building up global partnership with customized service as one of the worlds Top 5 manufacturers.

Product Features

Fumed Silica

Fumed Silica


Fumed silica is a basic functional product used in construction, automobile, semiconductors, etc. It acts as a function reinforcement agent, and it can also optimize a product by improving anti-sagging and anti-settling effects or abrasive properties. The Fumed Silica business continues to advance alongside the growth of mobile phone, kitchenware, cosmetics, construction, automobile, semiconductors, shipbuilding, etc.

Silicone Chain

Silicone is produced through the chemical synthesis of mineral silicon (SiO2), and it is transformed and used as a high-functioning, high-quality precision material in various fields from industrial goods to daily supplies. With the advancement of technology, silicone will continue to be developed as a material supporting next-generation technologies.

Production Process

Fumed Silica is synthesized from the hydrolysis of high purity Silane in a flame of oxygen and hydrogen at temperature over 1000. The raw material, Silane, synthesized through a reaction of metallurgical silicon, which is obtained through a reduction of mineral silicon dioxide (SiO2) with cokes, and hydrogen chloride.

OCI Status

Gunsan plant

Gunsan Plant

Tangshan OCI

Tangshan OCI

OCI recognized the potential market and growth of the global silicone industry during the 2000s, and initiated the production of Fumed Silica, which is the base material for the silicone industry, as the pioneer in Korea. Since its establishment, OCIs Fumed Silica business has achieved continuous growth through customer satisfaction. Currently OCI is capable of producing 15,000MT/yr of Fumed Silica, positioning OCI as one of the worlds Top 5 Fumed Silica manufacturers.

Business Commencement


Production Plant Status

- Gunsan Plant (Capa : 9,000MT/yr)
- Tangshan OCI (Capa : 6,000MT/yr)

Major Markets

China, Japan, Taiwan, Asia, Europe, USA, Middle East and Africa

Key Point

  • Global Sales Network

    Optimized product sales on each continent based on the worlds top 5 production capability

  • Eco-Friendly

    Eco-friendly material is used in various applications, offering convenience to people

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Supplying personalized products through continuous technological development and rigid quality control


  • Product Name : Fumed Silica (Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic)
  • Chemical Formula : SiO2
  • CAS No. : Hydrophilic (112945-52-5),Hydrophobic (68611-44-9, 67762-90-7, 68583-49-3)
  • Certification : ISO9001, ISO14001, KOSHA18001, KOSHER, HALAL, REACH (EU)
  • Tel : +82-2-727-9456
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