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OCI is the global player supplying the ultra high purity Polysilicon for solar power generation and semiconductors.

Product Features




Polysilicon is the basic core material for Solar PV industry, positioned at the very first step of the PV value chain(ingots wafers cells modules solar power generation systems). OCI provides 10-Nine (99.99999999% purity) Polysilicon for solar power generation and 11-Nine (99.999999999% purity) for semiconductor wafers.

Production Process

Metal Silicon(MG-Si) is produced by reducing and melting quartz. Metal silicon is then mixed with hydrogen and hydrochloric acid to produce high-purity trichloride silane (TCS). Then it undergoes chemical evaporation at high temperatures to produce high-purity solid polysilicon.

Solar PV Value Chain
polysilicon, waper, cell, module, solar power
Semiconductor Value Chain
polysilicon, waper, cell, module, solar power

OCI Status

Gunsan, Korea

Gunsan, Korea

Sarawak, Malaysia

Sarawak, Malaysia

In 2008, OCI succeeded in commercial production of polysilicon, which was manufactured only by a small number of European, American, and Japanese companies, and continued to increase solar grade production capacity through expansion. Our Gunsan plant in Korea exclusively produces electronic-grade polysilicon with an annual capacity of 4,000 metric tons. Our Sarawak plant in Malaysia produces solar-grade polysilicon with an annual capacity of 35,000 metric tons.

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Production Plant Status

- Gunsan Plant : Electronic grade Polysilicon (Capa : 4,000MT/yr)
- Sarawak Plant: Solar grade Polysilicon (Capa : 35,000MT/yr)

Major Markets

China, Taiwan, Europe, USA, Japan

Key Point

  • Global

    Supplying ultra-high purity Polysilicon to the world's leading semiconductor and solar wafer manufacturers

  • Top class in
    Cost Competiveness

    Securing the worlds lowest OPEX (Operation Expenses) and CAPEX (Capital Expenditures) with production efficiency and debottlenecking

  • High Purity of

    Providing high-purity Polysilicon of 10-Nine grade or higher by innovative production process and cutting edge technology


  • Product Name : Polysilicon
  • Chemical Formula : Si
  • CAS No. : 7440-21-3
  • Certification : ISO9001, Green Technology Certification
  • E-mail
    • Polysilicon Sales : +82-2-727-7951
    • Polysilicon Business : +82-2-727-7901
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