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About OCI

Global Leading Green Energy
& Chemical Company

Message from President

Welcome to OCI homepage.

OCI President Mr. Kim Taek Joong

OCI has ceaselessly developed key chemical materials that are essential for the industrial development such as inorganic chemistry, petro chemistry and fine chemistry for more than 60 years from 1959.

With cutting-edge technology and know-how, OCI is expanding its business into the green energy including polysilicon, solar power generation, etc. OCI will continue to move forward by exploring and discovering new businesses, including urban development project and bio business.

All employees at OCI aim to fulfill the social responsibility and duty of the global corporate citizens and keep on its core principles of transparent and ethical management. We are sailing to become the Global Leading Green Energy & Chemical Company.

We look forward to your continuous interest, encouragement and support in the future.
Thank you.

Teak Joung Kim President & CEO of OCIOCI President Signature