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About OCI

Global Leading Green Energy
& Chemical Company


You can check the course OCI has followed for 60 years.

Pioneer of Chemical Industry

Incheon factory

Incheon Soda Ash Plant in 1968

  • 1959

    Established as Oriental Chemical Industries

  • 1965

    Reclaimed 2.64 million for Incheon Soda Ash Plant

  • 1968

    Commissioned Incheon Soda Ash Plant



Sustainable Growth towards Global Chemical Company

Iksan h2o2 factory

Commisioned Iksan Hydrogen Peroxide Plant in 1979

  • 1974

    Established Korea Steel Chemical

  • 1975

    Established KoFran Chemical

  • 1976

    Entered pesticide business Commissioned Pohang Plant

  • 1978

    Commissioned Ulsan Calcium Phosphate Plant

  • 1979

    Commissioned Iksan Hydrogen Peroxide Plant

Focusing on Qualitative Development

Inceon Research center

Incheon R&D Center in 1983

  • 1980

    Established Korea Potassium Chemicals (Currently Unid)

  • 1981

    Established Dongyang Elanco

  • 1983

    Opened R&D Center in Incheon

  • 1984

    Established Korea Steel Petrochemicals

  • 1985

    Established Ordeg Co., Ltd

  • 1986

    Established Eyang Chemical

  • 1987

    Commissioned Gwangyang Plant

  • 1988

    Established Dongyang Silicone

Entering the Global Marketplace

TDI Plant

Commissioned TDI Plant in 1991

  • 1991

    Commissioned TDI Plant

  • 1992

    Commissioned PVA Plant

  • 1994

    Acquired Samkwang Glass Industries

  • 1995

    Acquired Wyoming Soda Ash Plant (USA)

Stepping into the Future

Release new CI visualizing tomorrow's window

Renamed as OCI in 2009

  • 2001

    Established DC Chemical (DCC)

  • 2006

    Acquired Columbian Chemicals (USA)

  • 2008

    Established DCC Shanghai (China)
    Launched polysilicon production

  • 2009

    Ranked No.1 on the Boston Consulting Group's 2009 Value Creators rankings
    Acquired Sodiff Advanced Materials (OCI Materials) Completed No.2 Polysilicon Plant and started the construction of No.3 Polysilicon Plant
    Renamed as OCI(former DCC)

Leaping forward to the Green Energy Company

Alamo 2 solar power place in Texas, USA

Alamo 2 Solar Plant in USA (2014)

  • 2010

    Launched insulation business
    Acquired the first Green Company Certification in Korea
    Completed Shandong OCI (SD OCI) Coal Tar Plant

  • 2011

    Acquired Cornerstone Power Development (Currently OCI Solar Power) and entered into Solar PV business

  • 2012

    Awarded 2012 Transparent Management Award
    Awarded the Green Energy Award
    Signed an agreement for U.S. solar power project

  • 2013

    OCI Resource is listed on NYSE Completed Tangshan OCI (TS OCI) Fumed silica plant

  • 2014

    Completed Mission Solar Energy(MSE) Plant, USA

  • 2015

    Advanced into the Chinese decentralized solar PV generation
    Signed 50MW Solar PV Power supply agreement in Texas, USA

  • 2016

    Completed Ma Steel OCI Chemical Completed Shandong OCI Jianyang Carbon Black Completed supply contract of 400MW Solar PV Power Plant in USA Completed OCI SE Cogeneration Power Plant (303MW)

  • 2017

    Acquired Tokuyama Malaysia Polysilicon Plant (20,000 MT/yr)

Securing Future Core Competencies

  • 2017

    Commercial production of Electronic Grade Polysilicon

  • 2018

    Entered Bio business

  • 2019

    Concluded the contract for DCRE urban development project (Consortium of 3 construction companies)

  • 2020

    Discontinued production of P2,P3 lines for Solar Grade Polysilicon in Korean plant Established P&O Chemical (JV with POSCO Chemical)

  • 2021

    DCRE Phase 1~3 pre-sales Sale of TS OCI Entered the high softening point pitch business Entered ECH business

  • 2022

    Established a joint venture with Kumho P&B (ECH) Equity investment in Bukwang Pharmaceutical Achieved 35,000MT production capacity for solar polysilicon in Malaysia (Debottlenecking) Started commercial production of 50,000MT of hydrogen peroxide for P&O Chemicals

  • 2023

    OCI Holdings Launched