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About OCI

Global Leading Green Energy
& Chemical Company


OCI R&D Center presents the future of the company by developing new technologies and creating new businesses

OCI researchers


OCI R&D Center was established to enhance the technical values of the company and to realize the corporate vision by creating new businesses in 1983. Highly experienced researchers are continuously strengthening OCIs global competitiveness by performing research for technology-intensive high value added products and for state-of-the-art future industrial technology.

Key Research Fields

The OCI R&D Center concentrates its efforts on performing research in these 3 fields; Renewable Energy, Basic Chemicals, Carbon Materials.

Solar Technology

Renewable Energy

OCI has presence on the entire solar PV power value chain and renewable energy business by securing the original polysilicon production technology. OCI is now focusing on research for optimization with the advancement of the technologies of related elements, the development of materials and raw materials, the process improvement, etc.
In particular, OCI has secured a technological advantage over competitors in the solar power generation field by building the energy management system (EMS) that connects and controls solar power generation and the energy storage system (ESS). OCI also truly contributes as the 'Global Leading Green Energy Company' by expanding business area from the previous focus on materials to the energy field.


Basic Chemicals

Starting with a soda ash business in 1950, OCI now produces chemical products that are widely used in daily life, ranging from disinfectants and additives to chemical products for semiconductors. Based on the know-how and the core technology accumulated over a long period of time, the OCI R&D Center strives to expand the spectrum of existing products with the development of new grade products and new applications. It also makes efforts to optimize and improve the production process through basic engineering using process analysis and modeling, design for the major process unit devices, research related to the smart factory, etc.
In particular, with a performance upgrade of current chemical products such as hydrogen peroxide and phosphoric acid, OCI strives for product expansion and the development of the production process in collaboration with our customers to secure business competitiveness in the field of chemicals for the electrical, electronics and semiconductor industries.

carbon material

Carbon Materials

OCI produces various products such as BTX, pitch, and with the development of high value-added products using the aromatic compounds contained in oil. In particular, in the case of carbon black, research for improving the performance of products that match the market and technological trends is carried out in collaboration with our customers. Furthermore, by progressing the development of multifunctional high value-added products, and the related technologies, the business areas of OCI are further expanded to include specialty black, which is contributing to increase the company's competitiveness. In addition, OCI is utilizing its various differentiated carbon sources to carry out research on the development of a variety of new materials used in the electrical, electronics, semiconductor and automobile industries.

Major Achievements

1990 ~, 2000 ~, 2010 ~

Hub for Cutting-edge Chemical R&D, Central Research Center

central research center

OCI Central Research Center in Seongnam

Contacts and Address

Address : (13212) 61, Sagimakgol-ro 62beon-gil, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Tel : +82-31-730-9700

Fax : +82-31-748-9070