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Sustainable growth of OCI comes
from competitive global talents.

Career Development Programs

OCI people create new changes by challenging themselves to the new chance.

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The employees of OCI acquire actual work experience through various training programs and develop themselves as specialists with global competencies.

Development Program KEY POINT

  • Global Competency

    Develop talent equipped with global competency.

  • Practicality

    Develop talent who understand the practical side of business by on-job training.

  • Expertise

    Develop talent to be the top expertise of each area.

Talent Development System

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޺ ü : Grade, Fundamental, Functional, Global, ӿ, , Ŵ, å, å ǥ
Grade Fundamental Functional Global
ӿ ӿ ũ, ӿ ӿ(ؿ&)
ũ, , »Թ
  1. ȸ
  2. 繫ǥ мǹ
  3. ȸǽ
  4. ȸ ǽ
  5. 濵м ǻ
  6. ȸ



( & e-Learning by job)





e-Learning program(English, Chinese, etc.)

Ŵ Ŵ ȭ, Ŵ ʼ, »Թ
å å ȭ, å ʼ, »Թ
å å ʼ, 6/1 ũ, Ի Թ&OJT, »Թ

Major Training Program

  • Fundamental
    On-Boarding System for
    Systematic supporting programs for new hires with entry training courses for new hires and workshops for 6-month/1-year employees
    Mandatory Courses per Position
    Supports advancement through courses designed to improve key competencies for each position
  • Functional
    MBA Course
    OCI supports MBA programs with the best instructors and subjects for manager-level employees
    Outstanding Global Program Support
    OCI supports Global programs for leader-level employees
    Training Conferences for Engineers
    OCI offers various opportunities with short-term overseas training programs for selected engineers every year
  • Global
    Global Dispatch System
    OCI offers opportunities for dispatch to overseas subsidiaries to foster global competencies
    Chinese Courses
    OCI operates business Chinese classes on multiple levels to help improve the Chinese language proficiency of employees (Every business site)
    Intensive Foreign Language Courses
    Foreign Language Courses for employees that require foreign language proficiency business and culture in a short period of time