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Sustainable growth of OCI comes
from competitive global talents


Here are the various welfare benefits of OCI.

Housing and Stabilization of Livelihood

Life Stability
Financial support for housing / Family event / Learning

Medical and Health Promotion

Healthy Life
Support for medical expenses / Preventive health check

Work-Life Balance and Self-Development

Affluenct Living
Provide vacation / Leisure facility / Club activities

Reward System

Reward System
Provides various rewards and gifts

Support for Housing and Stabilization of Livelihood

Dormitory Support for employees working at non-related work place
Housing Loan Support Implementation of in-house loans when purchasing and renting a house for houseless employees
Home Return Expenses Support for round-trip fare for new employees whose hometown and workplace are different
Commuter Bus Operation of commuter bus from each regional business site to dormitory and neighboring areas
School Expenses Support for congratulatory money for employees' children entering kindergarten / school expenses of university students
Workplace Day Care Center Operation of day care center for children of employees aged 1~3 (Gunsan business site)
Expenditures for Congratulations and Condolences Support expenditures and vacation for congratulations and condolences for employees and their families such as marriage, death and 60th birthday party
Emergency Household Loan Support Implementation of loans when households need urgent funds, such as disease, condolences, etc.
Retirement Pension Scheme Subscription to retirement pension scheme for employees security

Medical and Health Promotion

Group Insurance Support for cost of hospitalization with group insurance (employees, spouse, children)
Health Check-ups Support for health check-up program for the health of employees
Employee Assistance Program Support for consultation with external specialized institutions to resolve grievances of employees

Work-Life Balance and Self-Development

Leave System Legal holidays and regular leave (5 days)
Vacation Bonus Providing summer vacation bonus
Self Development
Support for self-development expense of new employees
Recreational Facilities Support for the use of domestic condominium and resorts
In-house Club Support for the expense of club for friendship promotion and leisure activities
Flexible Working Hours Providing a work environment where work-life balance can be achieved by introducing a flexible work-hour system customized for each job

Reward System

Long-term Employees Providing prizes and vacations to long-term employed persons
Excellent Employee Selecting and awarding excellent employees every year
Selective Welfare System Providing annual welfare points to incumbent employees